Dr. Doom Approved

Confederate Motorcycles P120 Fighter

What’s the only thing cooler than a motorcycle that flies? Trick question, nothing is cooler than a flying motorcycle. Since it may be awhile before that’s a reality though, the Confederate P120 Fighter comes in at a very close second. Made by hand, and crafted almost entirely of air craft grade aluminum, the P120 takes the term ‘crotch rocket’ to the next level. At 160 horsepower, the engine in this bike commands more power than most small cars, only with half the number of wheels – which by the way, are made of carbon fiber. The P120 Fighter is the most recent addition to Confederate’s current lineup of motorcycles, which also includes the F131 Hellcat and the B120 Wraith. All three are guaranteed to make heads turn more than what is currently between your legs.

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By Jeff Mirabello