ORIGINS: Save the Males Moisturizer

For those on a quest for an all-around no frills product that simply works, look no further than ORIGINS: Save the Males Moisturizer ($34). Appropriately named, this moisturizer transforms your scratchy sandpaper skin into a well hydrated healthy dermis, which should come in handy for finding a date on Friday night. Engineered from all natural organic ingredients this multi-benefit moisturizer is packed with powerful Mangosteen and Chinese Wolfberry antioxidants, Carrot Protein, and White Birch Extract (not that those things should mean anything to you immediately). Keep using this product though, and the protection from dryness, sun damage, and general early signs of aging will speak for itself. Also those with sensitive skin should note that this is moisturizer won’t cause breakouts or skin irritations, since it’s oil and scent free.

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By Rikin Shah