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Bosch Rotak Li Electric Lawn Mowers

Those of you with serious swaths of property may laugh at electric push mowers, but for home owners with small plots to tend, they can be great. The Bosch Rotak Li Series ($300-$540) makes them even better — for a price — by eliminating the pesky cord in exchange for a lithium-ion battery that’s good for cutting 3,300 square feet of grass per charge and can fully juice in an hour (or hit 80% in 30 minutes).

Besides eliminating the safety hazard of running over the chord, the battery gives users the freedom to mow anywhere, and its electric motor also produces 10x less CO2 than comparable gas-powered models. That’s good news considering the largest size available tops out at a 17-inch cutting width, meaning larger lawns will require a bit more walking. So-called “grass combs” are supposed to reduce the need for additional trimming though by allowing users to squeeze right next to walls and other hard to reach places. Unfortunately for U.S. readers, as of now we’ve only been able to find units selling across the pond.

Buy Now: $300-$540 (depending on size)