Death to Protein Powder Globs

Blender Bottle

Situation: It’s been a hard workout. Your body is craving protein. To satiate, you make a protein shake, but globs of chocolate protein powder hover around the surface of the glass. You shake, stir, curse, but no amount of force will break it up. Sound familiar?

A recent procurement from the local health store has solved the problem. The Blender Bottle ($10) provides a unique solution to the “protein globs” problem. The simple design includes a small stainless steel wire ball that works similarly to a whisk head. A few shakes disperses a mass of chocolate protein powder and cleanup is a cinch.

The Blender Bottle is available in several different sizes and with a $10 price tag, it’s a must have for regular protein shake drinkers. Perfect for quickly mixing up protein drinks, but also works for eggs and a variety of other comestibles.

Buy Now: $10