A Revisit

ShirtsMyWay 2.0

When we were first introduced to ShirtsMyWay more than a year ago, we walked away happy with our shirts, but some of our readers emailed with complaints about the first run of product. Nearly a year and a half later, we’ve revisited ShirtsMyWay and are pleased to report that the kinks have been worked out.

The new ShirtsMyWay 2.0 website walks users through the shirt design process allowing for complete customization. Seven trillion to be exact (see a video demo). From collars stays and buttons, to cuffs and collar, customization remains key. Once designed, the custom fitting process is simple. Each step is accompanied with detailed pictures and instructions to measure for optimal fit. After all, even the best looking shirt won’t cut it if it doesn’t fit you properly. Our first experience didn’t give us the opportunity to go through the entire design and fitting process and see the end result first hand. This time, it did. Our shirt (we chose the Fast Track fabric) came out great, exactly what we ordered, and fit perfectly.

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