Better Flames, But Still the Same Fire

New Amazon Kindle

After the recent announcement of the new graphite Kindle DX, you had to figure its smaller e-reader brother would get a refresh soon. Announced yesterday, some welcome changes are hitting the new Kindle like a 21% decrease in size and 15% decrease in weight, while maintaining the same 6-inch e-Ink screen. The new graphite case is also available and the price drops to $189 for a 3G version or $139 for a new Wi-Fi only model. Not everything about the new Kindle involves shrinking though, its E-Ink screen’s refresh rate is 21% faster and offers greater contrast, improved control ergonomics, doubling of on-board memory to 4GB, a preloaded “experimental” Webkit-based browser, and battery life is now an extended-vacation lasting 10 days with 30 day standby.

Considering Amazon founder’s Jeff Bezo recent quip, “I like building a purpose-built reading device,” we’re not holding out for a true iPad competitor anytime soon. But hey, at least you can read on the beach right?

Buy Now: 3G ($189) | Wi-Fi ($139)