Real Icing, Bros

Moji Back

When we described the Moji Knee as an icing smart bomb last summer, we weren’t joking around. It did and does everything as advertised and has been a real life saver. So, when Moji let us know they were releasing a Moji Back, we decided to give it the Gear Patrol hands-on treatment.

The Moji Back works much the same as the Moji Knee. It has a Support Wrap made from Polartec that holds the Cold Cell snug to your back, while providing mobility while icing. This mobility during icing has always robbed you of is Moji’s greatest achievement in our opinion. The only downside is “But, I’m icing.” is no longer a good excuse to get out of the dishes. The Moji Back has one surprise up its sleeve that we didn’t see coming, the addition of a Heat Cell. Toss it in the microwave prior to your next work out and the Heat Cell will help warm up/loosen up your back for 20 minutes. Both the Heat Cell and the Cold Cell conformed to the contours of my back and provided exemplary relief.  It would seem Moji has outdone themselves with the Moji Back. Well played.

Take Note: Like the Moji Knee, the Moji Back is rare in that it actually performs. If you’re hard on your body, like many of our readers (and myself), this will go a long way to making life a lot more comfortable.

Cost: $150