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25 Best iPad Cases

August 2, 2010 Tech : Electronics By
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There are few greater ironies on this earth than buying a super sleek gadget like the iPad only to let the fear of scratching or damaging it cause us to mummify them in cases, sleeves, et al. Since we’re doubtful the trend will change or relent anytime soon though, we’ve scoured our offices, the web, and the generally overwhelming world of iPad cases to find the 25 Best iPad Cases (as of this August, 2010). Hit the jump to read on.

Book for iPad

Who’s It For: Best iPad case for the literary covert.

Buy Now: $89 (Available for Kindle)

Manufacturer’s Description: Each BOOK is hand-crafted to order in a small Minnesota studio. Every exterior detail of BOOK has been considered, from the linen book cloth to the decorative book headbands for an effect that provides bibliophiles with tangible protection for their electronic information. On the inside, a tailored 100% wool felt sleeve provides a snug fit for your device when BOOK is closed with the integrated velcro edge. The natural German felt is a sustainable and renewable material that has an innate durability and timelessness. BOOK is a secure sleeve combined simply and elegantly with a hard case to provide double protection for your device.

Sebastien Kauffman iPad Case

Who’s It For: Best iPad case for the Canadian nationalist.

Buy Now: $45

Manufacturer’s Description: Protect your iPad from scratches and dust with these handmade sleeves made of fleece, cotton and vinyl. Items are handmade in Montreal, Canada. The closing tab folds over to secure the computer.

Fossil Becket Tablet Cover

Who’s It For: Those who see school as a way of life, not a hurdle.

Buy Now: $40

Manufacturer’s Description: carry your iPad in this vintage-inspired, two-tone genuine leather sleeve with subtle texture and a synthetic suede lining. Holds the standard Apple iPad device. Material: Rich full grain leather, Interior: Synthetic suede lining, holds standard iPad device, Measurements: 9-7/8″H x 1″W x 7-7/8″L

Clare Vivier iPad Sleeve for Steve Alan

Who’s It For: Fashion forward technophiles with who demand their gadgets match their attire.

Buy Now: $100

Manufacturer’s Description: These Clare Vivier iPad cases are made in California of soft Italian, naturally dyed leather. The iPad fits perfectly inside. Each case comes filled with a blank notepad inside.

Byrd and Belle iPad Sleeve

Who’s It For: Men in search of hand-made quality that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Buy Now: $48

Manufacturer’s Description: This modern and simple sleeve is made of 1/8″ thick felted wool offering great protection for your iPad. Snug fit and simple closure with a hand-dyed leather strap that is riveted on the back and snaps in the front. Snap and rivet locations are lined to keep your iPad from touching anything but soft, thick wool felt. Original design by Byrd & Belle. Felted material is 100% wool felt and is around 1/8″ thick. This high quality felt is a sustainable and renewable material and offers strength while remaining soft to the touch. Leather strap is hand-dyed here in the studio using environmentally friendly, low v.o.c. dyes. Each piece is handled and studied and minor variations in texture and color, though they are slight, are part of the unique character of each piece.

Bill Amberg iPad Case

Who’s It For: iPad owners who love the song Money Ain’t a Thang because it’s biographical.

Buy Now: $220 (Approx)

Manufacturer’s Description: Designed for the Macintosh iPad users in mind, a perfectly designed leather case, available in navy, tan, brown or black smooth bridle leather with colour contrast trim. It also features a whole at the base for docking your gadget while keeping it safe.

Alkr iPad Protection Sleeve

Who’s It For: iPad owners in search of the perfect accessory for their neoprene tuxedos.

Buy Now: $39

Manufacturer’s Description: Our iPad Protection Sleeve protects your iPad with a cushioned interior and a soft, but durable neoprene exterior. It can be used as a stand alone case or placed inside a backpack or bag.

Byrd and Belle Simply iPad Sleeve

Who’s It For: Those who bought the iPad to simplify their life and expect its accessories to do the same.

Buy Now: $32

Manufacturer’s Description: This modern and simple sleeve is made of 1/8″ thick felted wool offering great protection for your iPad. Snug fit and simple design; no closures, no snaps, just thick wool felt. Perfect for protecting your iPad while you tote it around in your bag. Sleeve also makes a nice thick pad on which to lay your iPad when using it on a hard surface. Felted material is 100% wool felt and is around 1/8″ thick. This high quality felt is a sustainable and renewable material and offers strength while remaining soft to the touch. This sleeve is made to fit the Apple iPad. It is available in three different colors.

Dicota PadCover

Who’s It For: iPad owners who still think blue means boy and pink means girl.

Buy Now: TBA

Manufacturer’s Description: The Apple iPad has arrived and DICOTA offers the ultimate in snug protection with its new PadCover. The protective sleeve has a high quality outer material made from 40% wool and 60% acrylic and is coordinated with the finest leather details. The inner material is made from finest nylon. The PadCover is tailor-made for the iPad and has an extra small feature: a flap allows you to retrieve the iPad from its sleeve simply and easily. The PadCover is optionally available in either grey with a pink interior or grey with a blue interior.

Hanakapiai ColcaSac iPad Sleeve

Who’s It For: Anyone whose iPad is Iditarod bound.

Buy Now: $35

Manufacturer’s Description: The Hanakapiai beach is about two miles in (or 9 miles back) as you hike along the Kalalau trail in northern Kauai. The place is incredible, and is a nice resting spot for your tired feet. Curious thing, however, is the wooden sign with etch marks keeping tally on the 83 and counting deaths from the particularly capricious waves and currents. This may be the most convincing warning sign I’ve ever seen. The Hanakapiai is made with dark brown, heavy-duty 18.5 oz basketweave hemp canvas. The hemp is grown and harvested in rural China, where it grows quickly and plentifully. Hemp is grown naturally without pesticides, is easy on the soil, and is nature’s strongest natural fiber (if you don’t count the spider web). ColcaSac iPad Sleeve Features: Solid protection from dents and scratches, which allows you to travel about without worrying for your iPad’s safety. A Velcro closure that is thinner and quieter than traditional Velcro. Velcro allows you to quickly load and unload your iPad. It will fit your iPad perfectly. This is probably more important than you think. A snug fit will make the sleeve + iPad much more comfortable to carry, and also looks much better. A functional pocket that keeps your adapter in place. Worried that it will fall out? It won’t.

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