Come BBQ or Highwater

Liquid Flow Shorts

Liquid Flow is offering Gear Patrol readers 25% off any pair of shorts. Enter promo code: GPFlow2010 at checkout. Sweet.

You know those shorts you’ve got at home? Yeah, the ones that dutifully await your arrival every day to replace your shirt and tie or serve as your de facto Saturday lounging uniform. Ask yourself how long you’ve had them sitting around. Probably time for a replacement right? Sure, they’re serviceable for domestic man-chores or knocking back a brew, but how about a pair that also get you garb-proper for a trip to the driving range or a summer BBQ… with women. Liquid Flow Shorts ($68), activity shorts if you will, certainly fit the bill. They’re pretty much everything you want in a pair of shorts: surprisingly soft (water-ready) micro-fiber, tethered waterproof pocket, and constructed in a variety of patterns. Our unabashed choice: skull & crossbones.

Buy Now: $68