Operation Red Wings and the Life of Lt. Michael P. Murphy, US Navy Seal

Seal of Honor

Though the expression is cliché, the freedom that we enjoy in America has always come at a high price. Gary William’s biography of Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy, posthumous recipient of the Medal of Honor, Silver Star, and Purple Heart, is a meditation on the sacrifice and dedication exhibited by those who have served in the military and made the ultimate sacrifice.

Though William’s biography focuses heavily on the grief caused by the death of the young Navy SEAL, the work is neither morose nor depressing, but instead, inspiring. Throughout Seal of Honor ($20) the courage and strength possessed by Lt. Michal Murphy and his team members become evident. The brutal training and education regiments presented in William’s work illustrate just how far the human mind and body can be pushed. If nothing else, a read of Seal of Honor will inspire you to stop complaining about you day job (which probably doesn’t involve daily 14 mile beach runs, 1000 meter swims, and live fire exercises) and set some goals of your own.

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By Scott Mannear