Wrist Wrap

Miansai Bracelets

As we’ve said before, there’s nothing wrong with a little arm jewelry. If you’re looking for some wrist accessories with a sense of style and edginess (without the flash), Miansai’s Collection of well-crafted bracelets are a solid choice. Of course, your bracelet should match your style and personality. Resolute and rugged? Then consider the Silver .22mm Bullet leather bracelet (left). Fancy yourself nautically inclined? Aim for the Fishing Hook (right). Each bracelet is hand-made by the man behind Miansai, Michael Saiger.

Tip: We can’t say it enough. Don’t overdo it with the accessories, especially not with bracelets. The moment you start to wonder if you’re overdoing it is a sure bet that you are.

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By Trent Fitzgerald