10 Great Grooming Products Under $10

Sometimes it is simply unnecessary to go straight broke buying superfluous grooming products, so we decided that it would be appropriate to highlight ten of the top products that will be sure to leave some extra bucks in your wallet for other unnecessary items to be purchased. These are no-frills products that will not make you feel cheap but instead leave you feeling like the man you should.

Quick Tip: Beware cheap online prices (irony, we know). Save more by keeping an eye on in-store prices. Shopping costs can sometimes sour a great online “bargain”.

Every Man Jack Citrus Body Scrub

Micro-beads scruff off dead skin while the woody citrus scent leaves a manly musk, rather than fresh, after-smell.

Buy Now: $7 (17 oz)

Neutrogena Men Triple Protect Face Lotion SPF 20

Stave off early wrinkles. instantly calm razor burn and irritation, revitalize skin, and alleviate dry skin tightness. Enriched with antioxidants, this moisturizing formula helps fight signs of aging. Made with SPF 20 sunscreen, protects against UVA/UVB and won’t clog your pores.

Buy Now: $7 (per bottle)

AXE “Whatever” Messy Look Paste

We all know that no one actually wakes up with perfectly styled and feathered hair. Commercials aside, let this paste work its way into your locks and give you that nonchalant look you’re striving for.

Buy Now: 7 (2.64 oz)

Nivea For Men Double-Action Face Wash

This double action moisture clears away everyday dirt without drying out your skin leaving your face feeling silky smooth and blemish free. Made with Provitamin B5 and designed to remove excess oils that can lead to clogged pores.

Buy Now: $5 (5 fl oz)

Kiehl’s Lim Balm #1 SPF 15

This stuff is sent straight from the heavens above. Spread this on your thinnest anatomical skin layer (your lips people) and you will be wondering why you haven’t been using it all along. This lip balm will cure even the most chapped of lips leaving you with an incredibly moisturized, yet not glossy feel.

Buy Now: $7

Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Coconut Moisturizer

Ferociously rubbing in heavy, greasy lotion after a skin-dehydrated shower shouldn’t have to be part of your daily grind. Instead, quickly slather on some Skin Trip to pleasantly replenish what was lost in the sun, shave, or shower. Aloe vera will soothe, lanolin will lock in moisture, and the modest coconut scent will please the olfactory senses.

Buy Now: $7 (8 oz)

Old Spice “Denali” Antiperspirant & Deodorant

Any selection out of the Old Spice “Fresh Collection” will give you an upgrade on the manliness scale; however, we especially like the “wilderness” scent that Denali offers. Spread this on your underarms and you will instantly feel free from life’s struggle.

Buy Now: $5

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor

While other razors tug and pull on your sensitive skin, the ProGlide will coast through hair with thinner, low-cutting blades.

Buy Now: $10

Head & Shoulders Hair Endurance for Men

We said it once, and we’ll say it again; the idea that Head & Shoulders has started a line for men has grabbed our attention, and their attention is still ours after several months. With all the regular anti-dandruff goodness this particular shampoo also helps make hair look thicker and fuller.

Buy Now: $9 (24 fl oz)

Jack Black Supreme Cream Shave Lather

Combines three protective layers of Macadamia Nut Oil, Glycerin and Soybean Oil, to create a “Triple Cushion” that lifts whiskers up, away from the skin, resulting in an ultra-close shave. Skin is left soft, hydrated, and refreshed without any fragrances, gunk, or coloration.

Buy Now: $6 (1.5 oz)

Bonus: Classic Old Spice Cologne

Withstanding time, and nothing to do with the awesome commercials, this classic cologne has been around since Old Spice for men started back in the late 1930s. This, and the incredibly low price tag, should be reason enough to splash on this robust smelling fragrance.

Buy Now: $7 (2.5 fl oz)