SEAL Approved

MTM Special Ops Falcon

Scenario: have you ever wanted to pilot a fighter jet, eject, then dive 300 feet, and still know what time it is? MTM Special Ops is your brand of watch. The absurdly rugged, military-grade, and stylish (if that’s your thing) timepieces are used by the military and the piece we tested, The MTM Special Ops Falcon ($895) is one if not our favorite in MTM’s entire lineup. The durable, feature-laden watch is a perfect blend of strength and practicality. Think: Randy Couture and Porsche having a child. Lithium-ion battery charging via electromagnetic induction? Check. Five light modes? Check. Titanium housing and band with DLC plating? Check. Pelican case? Check. Manliness upgrade? Check.

Oh, about those five light modes. One mode: flashlight, is perfect for real-world scenarios a Gear Patrol writer is likely to run into. Finding your lost keys at night, checking under the hood when it’s smoking (from rapid-fire flogging/testing for Gear Patrol), when the power goes out at a club (true story), and jumping out of a plane at night. More photos of our test unit after the jump.

Need more credo? The King of Jordan gives one to every guest.

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