American patriotism is great, don’t get me wrong, but to those from the golden state, California pride is first and foremost. The California Desk ($4,900) from J. Rusten Furniture Studio is far more sophisticated than hoisting a grizzly bear flag at the office. Not only is it made from a beautiful “curly-grain” Claro Walnut wood, the ergonomics of the desk are consciously designed, bending around the user as he sits in the Nevada-side crux (near Lake Tahoe). No other office furniture allows you to sign important documents up near Sacramento, set your coffee mug over San Francisco Bay, or place a framed photo of the kids at the beach down by Los Angeles. A cut above mundane bureaus, the California Desk is a perfect blend of aesthetics, geographic sophistication and relaxed west-coast vibe. Each piece is handmade by Jared Rusten at his studio in (yup, you guessed it) San Francisco, California.

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By Matthew Claudel