Work on the Gold Cost, Literally

J. Rusten California Desk

American patriotism is great, don’t get me wrong, but to those from the golden state, California pride is first and foremost. The California Desk ($4,900) from J. Rusten Furniture Studio is far more sophisticated than hoisting a grizzly bear flag at the office. Not only is it made from a beautiful “curly-grain” Claro Walnut wood, the ergonomics of the desk are consciously designed, bending around the user as he sits in the Nevada-side crux (near Lake Tahoe). No other office furniture allows you to sign important documents up near Sacramento, set your coffee mug over San Francisco Bay, or place a framed photo of the kids at the beach down by Los Angeles. A cut above mundane bureaus, the California Desk is a perfect blend of aesthetics, geographic sophistication and relaxed west-coast vibe. Each piece is handmade by Jared Rusten at his studio in (yup, you guessed it) San Francisco, California.

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By Matthew Claudel