Americana Blue

Levi Strauss for Brooks Brothers

Thanks to capitalism, competing entities rarely team up. Coke and Pepsi won’t be making Copsi anytime soon, and Honda and Toyota will not be bringing us an Camcord. Luckily for our benefit though, two titans of American clothing have bucked the rule and teamed together (2010 Miami Heat style) to bring us something truly spectacular. Yes, Brooks Brothers and Levi Strauss have collaborated on a trio of jeans ($148) including the iconic 501, 505, and modern 514 variation. The 501 and 514 each have a button fly and while 505 use a zip. The individual jeans’ washes naturally vary, but both dark and light blue are available for each style. Made in the U.S.A. (in LA to be specific), these jeans should last as long as you want them to considering their combined 350 years of combined menswear-making reputation.

A gallery of all the jeans is after the jump.

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By Patrick Morris