A Perfect Fit

Riffe Competitor X Series Speargun

In the ongoing list of visceral man-activities, trying your hand at shooting a fish underwater is certainly up there. But, with the thrill comes a fear, justifiably, of knocking out your front teeth due to lack of experience (I’ve seen it happen – not fun). If so, then Riffe has developed the perfect shooter for you. Their Competitor X Speargun Series ($300+) is designed for competition and entry-level divers alike, providing an affordable weapon that’s relatively simple to operate underwater.

Ideal for shallow water holes and reefs, the Competitor X Series ranges from 48 to 60 inches in length, and offers a slim teak stock with a 5” bungee cord for easy loading and reloading. It’s even outfitted with a 3” cocking stock for hip loading. The guns are available in two different standard set ups and come equipped with amber power bands and nylon mono-filament shooting line. All models and setups can be altered to cater to the personal preferences of the beginner spear-o. Just don’t hop in the ocean with a water cannon expecting to harpoon Moby Dick though, because as with everything, it takes time and practice.

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By Kyle Lent