Going Brogued

Converse Jack Purcell Brogue Leather

Known for its versatility, Jack Purcells by Converse are, in the world of sneakers, a modern-day classic. The shoes go well with a linen suit, chinos, or a pair of jeans. But, matching clean sneakers with a highly structured suit can be a little tricky. Converse, not one for stagnation, has devised the Jack Purcell Brogue Leather ($85), blending the classic Purcell look with a classic wingtip. Featuring a glossy leather finish, a brogued silhouette, and the signature blue “smile” on the toe’s sole, the Brogue Leather effortlessly pairs with a custom suit or denim. After all, there’s nothing wrong with going a little brogue.

Buy Now: $85

By Trent Fitzgerald