He was TW before there was a TW

Tom Watson | Lessons of a Lifetime

After eight Major Championships and nearly a ninth last year, Tom Watson’s credentials as one of the all time great golfers are without question. So it should come as little surprise that when he offers to share a career full of insights with the rest of us, it garners attention. So, we sat down and eagerly watched, 9-iron in hand, the near three hours of shotmaking goodness.

Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime ($50) is a two disc DVD set and sixteen page booklet that covers golf from the initial fundamentals through more complex short game techniques, and wraps up on how to make swings improvements for those of us who struggle with hooks and slices. Watson’s presentation is superb, aided by onscreen queues, graphics, and check lists making his material easy to see and understand. This is, in our opinion, as important as his insights.

Anyone can make a video with the fundamentals of golf, but if you can’t relate to it or reproduce results, then it’s more or less worthless. Lessons of a Lifetime on the other hand is rich with easy to digest tips, tricks, and strategies that any golfer, high or low handicapper, can put into play. I’d even recommend it to those just learning the game, as sound fundamentals are crucial. Personally, I found the section of chipping, especially ball placement in relation to your swing arc, very enlightening. The man has won all around the world, done so in all kinds of conditions, and against some of the fiercest competition golf has ever seen. $50 is a small price to pay to hear what he has to say.

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