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Portable 3-In-1 Sprinkler System

For most men, “watering your flowers” sits just a notch above “scrap-booking with your mother in-law” on your list of things to do. Slip n’ Slides however, are usually up there near the top, right next to riding a unicorn. Whether you’re a nature-loving horticulturist, or you’re inebriated and have access to a tarp, this Portable 3-In-1 Sprinkler System ($20) is one tool you’ll want to have in your watering arsenal. It attaches to your existing hose and includes three separate sprinkler heads, each with five different settings. The sprinkler heads can be used individually, or can all be connected with the included ten foot sections of flexible hose. When fully assembled, the sprinkler system gives you the ability to water 30 feet of flower beds, or provide constant hydration to 30 feet of slick, downhill tarps. How you choose to use it is completely up to you…

Buy Now: $20

By Jeff Mirabello