Buns, To-Go

Wao Bao

Mall-bound, Asian fast food is usually associated with one word: heartburn. An unfortunate thing considering there are so many delicious options, like piping-hot Asian buns. Chicago based Wao Bao is raising the stakes with their healthy, hot buns (no, not the wait staff). Everything Wao Bao serves is steamed and free of Trans-fats. The highlight of their menu, Bao, average 179 calories and come in eight different varieties including Spicy Kung Pao Chicken, Whole Wheat Edamame, and even Chocolate. The Bao’s bun has a soft, doughy texture that mixes great with the hot filling. The company currently has three locations in the Chicago area, but will ship their Bao and pot stickers anywhere in the United States for those of you without a local bun purveyor. Salivating? Then hit the link below to get your bun action on, pronto. Not in the mood for buns? Well then there’s always BBQ.

Buy Now: $45 (Six 6-packs)

By Thomas Grisi