Throw. Roar. Repeat.

SOG Battle Axe

Multitools are great, and SOG has done a damn fine job of proving to us that their tools are high-caliber, but sometimes you just want something big, burly, and chuckable. What better way to inspire your inner-Viking than unsheathing and ferociously hurling a battle axe at a target, prey, or zombie? No, not in Gauntlet. I’m talking about real-life with the SOG Battle Axe ($62). Whether it’s used as a target axe, badge of honor, or compliment to your new trebuchet, the SOG Battle Axe is bound to inspire water cooler talk and/or fear. Appropriately dressed in black, the axe features a curved pike (for improved target penetration), Pakka wood handle, and SOG Hardcase coated blade. A nylon sheath is included. A red beard, however, is not.

Buy Now: $62