American Reinterpretation of an American Classic

L.L.Bean Signature Boot

Alex Carleton of Rogues Gallery, has a knack for taking classic American staples and putting a modern twist on them. Nowhere is this more evident than his collaboration with L.L.Bean for this August’s launch of L.L.Bean’s Signature Collection. With cooler temperatures on the horizon, Carleton’s take on Bean’s classic Maine hunting boot has us already itching to don the pair we just procured this Fall. Hopefully, a season full of slushy walks (or elk-hunting trips) and other cold-weather boot embarkings. The boot features black leather tops are Chromexcel from Chicago’s Horween Tannery, triple-stitching, and are made in Maine – just like they have been for years.

Sizing Tip: Remember to size up from your normal shoe size as the L.L.Bean Signature Boot is meant to be worn with thick socks.

Buy Now: $149

By Greg Pugh