Ari Approved

Persol 2958

Lately, it seems everybody and their brother is wearing aviators and for good reason, they look great on your face (yes, even yours). While Ray-Bans are facing near-ubiquity, and options like the Randolph Engineering’s military-approved versions we reviewed are fantastic, something a little more unique never hurts. JRS, over at the excellent blog Red Clay Soul suggests a pair of Persol 2958’s ($171), and we have to agree. This isn’t the usual wire-framed entry in the aviator game, but they provide a great twist on a classic and the quality is unbeatable. Whatever your thoughts on Entourage, Ari Gold has been known to make these glasses look great. Do yourself a favor and get the tortoise color, you’ll love the attention it gets even if you don’t know any movie stars.

Buy Now: $171

By Greg Pugh