Great Shoes Live on Trees

Allen Edmonds Cedar Shoe Tree

The Allen Edmonds Shoe Company has been making quality shoes since 1922 and our own experience with a pair of Allen Edmonds McAllister Wing Tips has certainly proven that. First becoming popular after outfitting the Army and Navy during World War II, Allen Edmonds has since moved on to style thousands of influential men, including President Obama, former Presidents George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush. Understanding the attention to detail and construction that goes into a quality pair of shoes (each pair requires 212 separate steps in the creation process), Allen Edmonds also offers top-notch accessories for keeping your investment in great condition. In particular, their Cedar Shoe Trees ($30), are a must have for any man interested in retaining the shape of his shoes while keeping them moisture free and smelling great, too. Sold in sizes of L, XL, and XXL, pick up a few sets for your most important dress shoes. You won’t regret it.

Buy Now: $30

By Brendan Wilhide