Porsche Design P’7000 | Santoku Chef’s Knife

Not satisfied with just stopping with the heart-stopping 911 or dive watch, the F.A. Porsche designed P’7000 Santoku Japanese Chef’s Knife ($108) is the epitome of quality cooking blades, combining the sleek curves that made the Carrera famous, with world-class blade craft.

If you’re going to trust anyone to make a good knife, it has to be the guys who have been outfitting samurai since before Tom Cruise: the collaboration between Porsche Design and Japanese craftsmen is a match made in heaven. The perfectly balanced and ergonomic form is crafted from Japanese chrome molybdenum alloy steel, and each knife’s edge is hand-sharpened by a master to ensure longevity. Basically, this is a modern sword, made by a race car company, that you get to play with in your kitchen.

Buy Now: $108

By Matthew Claudel