A Different Kind of Suck

Oreck XLAUTO Car Vac

Everyone knows that the only thing more embarrassing than your assortment of Dungeons and Dragons figurines is the collection of french fries and smashed peanut butter crackers that you’ve accumulated beneath the driver’s seat. Women dig a clean car, not as much as they dig a guy with hoards of cash, but at least you have the power to control how clean your car is. That’s where the Oreck come in. With over 45 years of dirt sucking experience, their XLAUTO Car Vac ($40) is one tool that no bachelor (or dad) should travel without. Not only does this top rated car vacuum come with a 15 foot power cord that plugs right into your cigarette lighter, it also has a built-in light, which comes in handy when you want to vacuum in the dark, or tell ghost stories. Included with the vacuum is a reusable dust filter, a brush tool, a crevice tool (not that kind of crevice), and a travel storage bag. So while you may not be able to control how much money is bulging out of your wallet, at least now you can clean up the buffet you’ve been keeping in your car.

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By Jeff Mirabello