Better, Badder, Guidebook

Rough Guides

For some, a vacation is supposed to be an adventure, and nothing’s worse than realizing you’ve spent your hard-earned dough and precious holiday time in a tourist trap. That’s why Rough Guides were developed. If you’re looking to go off the beaten path, these guides are the perfect travel companion for a news and picture worthy trip. Packed with useful features and even a section for conversational language, these guides are designed to give you the confidence and communication skills to ask, for instance “where’s the nearest gentleman’s lounge?” If their rip-proof, full-color paper maps aren’t your thing though, then check out their website, where you’ll find digital versions for nearly every electronic device under the sun. With coverage of more than 200 destinations around our globe, there’s almost no place that your Rough Guide won’t be able to lead you to, or from.

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By Rikin Shah