Das Beaut

2Raumfeld Multi-Room Audio System

We fully endorse Sonos’s line of high-end multi-room audio equipment, and honestly feel their competing systems provide more flexibility than the pricier 2Raumfeld ($1,794). That said, Raumfeld’s system certainly scores for its stylish Bauhaus looks, which can be more important to some, and gives Sonos a run for its money in sound quality. What’s included in the package is a choice of two “S” type or “M” type wireless speakers (pick the latter, since they’re made in collaboration with renowned monitor builder Adam Audio), a “Connector” wireless audio transmitter, a 160 GB base station, and a 4.25in, 280 x 476 capacitive touchscreen, “Controller” remote.

Once setup, users can see music stored locally on the base station and connected USB drives in the same list with streaming content, for one ultimate view of the tunes at their disposal. Selections can then be played over the included wireless speaker setup or streamed to other speaker systems in the home connected to a Raumfeld transmitter. However, audiophiles will be disappointed to learn that high-resolution FLAC files cannot be streamed. Additionally usability quirks and scalability issues limit the system compared to other options. Translation: it’s better suited for smaller Bachelor pads than McMansions. For a full review though check out PC Pro’s thoughts. Oh and while you’re at it, wipe your puddle of techno lust drool off the keyboard too.

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