Sure to Impress the Girls in Home Room

GAP Varsity Shawl Collar Cardigan

High school may not be a time all of us wish to relive. Unless you never left your home town though, there’s no reason everyone has to know you were Jeff Spicoli, when you can dress the part of Charles Jefferson. Ok so maybe simply wearing this varsity shawl collar cardigan ($70) won’t be enough on its own to fabricate a glorious athletic career and an entire room devoted to your trophies, but it is an easy way to add a slightly retro feel to your look. Made of 70% cotton with 30% nylon to fit your form (which might be slightly different than when you were 18), pick one up in navy and gray or cream and dusty gray to standout from the sea of solid outerwear that’s sure to pop up in the coming weeks ahead.

Buy Now: $70