Your Throne Awaits

GCI Wilderness Recliners

All outdoor chairs are not created equal. We have been to enough concerts, festivals, camping trips, BBQs and pool parties to know this. The Wilderness Recliner from GCI will be the best outdoor chair you buy. It has a patented auto fold system that allows you to carry the chair on your back like a backpack (the dreaded second trip for the cooler be damned!). A single buckle adjustment on the side allows you to adjust the angle of your recline and—this is paramount—the beverage holder keeps your drink within reach at all times. The chair also has a mesh pouch to store essentials like chapstick and sunglasses as well as padded lumbar support. The chairs sit a bit low (which helps with the recline) and may take up a little more space than the chair-in-a-bag, but you will not be disappointed with the GCI Wilderness Recliner.

Buy Now: $60

By Daniel Sullivan