I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

TaylorMade Rossa Ghost Putter

If you haven’t seen the new TaylorMade Rossa Ghost Putter ($160) all over the PGA Tour this summer it’s not surprising. It’s designed, after all, not to draw your attention. Justin Rose has already won twice with it (and nearly a third time), and I easily counted a dozen pros at St. Andrews sporting some form of Ghost putter during The Open. That tells us that TaylorMade is on to something.

The all white head and gentle curves all but fade away when standing over a putt, leaving nothing but simple and impactful alignment aids. First, the Rossa Ghost has three black lines – a center line and two that are spaced a ball width apart that produce an amazing visual when putting. I had an almost Pac-Man-like visual of the outer lines of the putter swallowing up the ball as the putter traveled along the center target line. That thought helped keep the ball contact in the center of the face and really freed my mind to take a run at the hole. Behind the lines sits a circular cutout that, not surprisingly, is about the size of a golf ball, further helping you to make sure the putter is square when aiming (much in the same way the famed Two-Ball putter does).

The face of the Rossa Ghost is fitted with an AGSI+ insert that helps to promote top spin. Contact with the ball was firm but not aggressive. Overall, the mallet shape was solid without feeling heavy or bulky, a trait that really helped to keep the feel of the club in the center mass of the head and it promoted a nice smooth swing arc without a lot of unnecessary arm movement.

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