Putting the Village Bicycles to Shame

Theory 11 Sentinels Playing Cards

We may not have magical aspirations like Gob, but that doesn’t prevent us from appreciating the quality of Theory 11’s latest deck of playing cards, dubbed the Sentinels ($6). Created to outshine decks in every imaginable way, each embossed design element is unique to this series (even the face cards) and printed on the highest quality casino card paper. Even the box is printed on imported paper that’s 40% thicker than normal, and features metallic accents on all six sides. Despite all of that, they’re still ridiculously cheap, so there’s no reason not to upgrade your weekly poker game. Once you’ve got them though, just promise not to go all David Blaine on your buddies. It’s not worth it just to make the cover of Poof! magazine.

Buy Now: $6