Old Wood With A New Purpose

Haskel Sears Reclaimed Hardwood Furniture

We all love Ikea for what it is, but no self-respecting man passes a fiberboard desk down to his kids. At some point we have to grow up and invest in furniture that will leave a legacy, so it only makes sense to build with wood that already has one. Matt Sears believes man has forgotten his relationship with real wood so he founded Haskel Sears Design in 2004 to turn consumers into stewards, creating high-end furniture from reclaimed sources like fallen barns and abandoned industrial spaces.

Haskel Sears Design boasts a 1,200-square-foot gallery full of original handmade pieces available for purchase and any one of them can be shipped directly to your door. But the heart of their business needs to be experienced. You bring the idea, sketches are born, you go into the workshop and handpick your boards. You even learn the origins of your chosen wood and look through pictures of its past purposing. Short of chopping down your own tree, there’s no more organic way to approach furniture and Sears is confident they can build anything you can think up.

*Every Haskel Sears Design piece and process meets LEED certification for environmental responsibility, including the water-based adhesives and finishes.

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By Becka Blackburn