Fit For All

Sunice Olie Power Stretch Pullover

There’s something very special about fall golf. Perhaps it’s witnessing nature’s annual change and getting out of the summer heat. Maybe it’s because we know our time on the course is limited. Either way, being prepared to play in cooler conditions is a key to shooting good scores. That being said, the right layering is your best strategy. New for 2010, Sunice is introducing the Oli Power Stretch Pullover ($100). Perfect for chilly early morning tees time, when your round ends with the setting sun or any time an intermediate layer is all you need to stay warm.

Fit is everything with golf gear. Too tight or too lose and your clothing can interfere with your swing. We found the Olie Power Stretch Pullover to be form-fitting, but with enough give and stretch to accommodate even the freest swingers. And the contrast flatlock stitching gives the pullover a sporty aesthetic we love. It’s a versatile pullover that can easily transition from the course to any of your other outdoor activities.

Buy Now: $100