Fall is just around the corner, which means the ideal backpacking season is about to begin. And part of the challenge of mountaineering is leaving behind civil comforts and routines – like your morning shot. Right?

Leave it to Washington-state natives to infuse rugged outdoor sports with a shot of brewed sophistication (and snobbery?): the GSI Mini Espresso Maker ($20) is a truly trek-worthy device. Clocking in at 7 oz, the aluminum construction disassembles for easy cleanup, and features a brass steam pipe (for Italian flair). Simply add beans and water, throw it on the camp stove, and presto(!), you’ve got 2.5 ounces of liquid hiking-fuel in 90 seconds. There’s a lot to be said for having barista-quality joe anywhere you go, from your back yard to the Himalayas. Die-hard backpackers wouldn’t think of bringing an espresso maker alongside their sawed-off sporks, but for the rest of us, nothing goes better with a view of a sunrise at 9,000 foot altitude than a shot of espresso.

Take Note: In our opinion, the Handpresso Wild is still the heavy weight champion of the portable-espresso maker league, but for those who aren’t ready to drop $100 on creature comforts for backpacking, the GSI model does nicely.

Buy Now: $20

By Matthew Claudel