Simplify Your Key Ring

Strattec BOLT Lock

One downside to owning a lot of toys is that protecting them can quickly overwhelm your key ring. The Strattec Bolt Lock System is designed to simplify your life by allowing users to unlock everything including: pad locks, cable locks, spare tire locks, trailer locks, receiver locks, and a motorcycle disc brake locks all with the exact same key. More importantly though, each of the locks in the system can be made to learn your car or truck’s existing key, turning in into the ultimate personal skeleton key. Yes it also implies everything you own could be stolen by losing one thing, but that convenience for security trade-off is something you’ll have to evaluate on your own. Outside of that type of security risk each of the locks in the Bolt Lock system are made using automotive-grade cylinders with a shutter and six-plate tumbler, making them highly resistive to corrosion and incredibly difficult to pick. Unfortunately the company does not currently offer a package to pick up all of their locks as a unit, so instead you’ll have to pay piece-meal to tailor the system to meet your own security needs.

Buy Now: Padlock: $28 | Motorcycle Wheel Lock: $44 | Cable Lock: $44 | Spare Tire Lock: $44 | Receiver Lock $44