X Marks Your Wall

Best Made Company Wood Block Print Vintage Maps

If you’ve even read one men’s publication (online, blog, or traditional) then you’ve probably come across the axes by Best Made Company. Justifiably so, they’re gorgeous. Best Made Company isn’t just a one trick pony, though. These one-of-a-kind woodblock print Vintage Maps ($50) harness the same explorer/woodsy feel, and don’t require any backbreaking swinging on your part. Each item is created using a hand-carved woodblock and photopolymer letterpress plate to add Best Made’s signature red “X” to a vintage map. Currently three options exist (two for Algonquin Park and one for the Great State of Michigan) and available while supplies last. If your in need of some manly, made in the America decoration, strike now while the press is still hot working.

Peruse all three maps in our gallery after the jump.

Buy Now: $50