Botox for your Boots

Danner Boot Recrafting

Recently, Chicago was doused with five hours of constant Noah’s Ark-like rain, which resulted in flooding in the downtown area. Through a foot of muck and floodwater, my CIA-issued, thirteen year-old Danner Acadia boots proved flawless. No slips, no falls and not a single drop of water penetration. A quick bit of history: The Agency provided these boots to some staff to stand up to just about anything, and they easily have. Long hours in the field in seriously bad weather, pushing vehicles through ice and snow and climbing less-than-friendly rock faces have only made the boots more comfortable. Of course, they look fairly worn, a bit like an old sailor. Even though they remain structurally sound, I’m planning to send my boots off for Danner’s Boot Recrafting services, a rigorous multistage process which can be tailored depending on the condition of your boots.

Portland, Orgeon based Danner has been in the bootmaking business since 1932 crafting boots with a distinct look, a tad more rugged than the Frye Dakota Mid Lace Boot and easily less bespoke than Julian Boots. Each pair of boots is still made by hand one pair at a time, from the selection and curing of leather to the custom Vibram soles. You’ll find these boots used by the military, law enforcement, hunting, hiking, the urban jungle, you name it. And now, Danner’s recrafting services are offered to all their stitchdown boots.

Want to see more? Watch Danner’s recrafting video after the jump. From the sole to the stitching and even the liner, your decade-plus old boots can be brought back to life. Sure, you can purchase a new pair to replace your old ones, or you can keep your originals for years, get them recrafted and then tell your friends all the stories about the adventures you’ve been through and how both you and your Danners made it to the other side.

Buy Now: $10-$160

By Amos Kwon