Apple's Hobby Gets Serious

New Apple TV

Well what do we have here? Apple seems to be taking their AppleTV “hobby” a bit more seriously with the release of the all-new, um, AppleTV ($99). The new AppleTV comes in at a quarter the size of its predecessor and housed in a home theater-friendly black matte finish. The remarkable shrinkage (the good kind) is achieved by ditching the internal hard drive in exchange for streaming content via the device’s integrated 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity. Using the newly announced AirPlay functionality, which is a part of iOS 4.2 that lands in November, AppleTV owners will be able to stream music and video content directly to the device. The little black box features HDMI output, an integrate power supply, and includes a remote. Netflix (free for subscribers), first run 720p DVD rentals ($4.99), and TV episodes from ABC and Fox (99¢) will all be available to stream. Pre-orders start today and yes, we just ordered one to, um, “test”.

Buy Now: $99