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New iPod Touch

New iPhone, new iPod Touch. Right? Right. Not too unexpectedly, many of the new features on of the new iPod Touch ($229-$399) come from its well-connected sibling, but that doesn’t stop us from being any less impressed. Designed to be even thinner than its predecessor, the new iPod Touch packs the pixel-packed retina display, Apple’s A4 core processor (shared by the iPad and iPhone 4), and a front and rear facing camera. If the features didn’t give it away the hint, that means FaceTime (via Wi-Fi). The rear camera captures the same 720p HD video, as well as capturing HDR enhanced still (sadly only in 960×720). Apple’s new Game Center multiplayer functionality will also be on board, for schooling your friends on the iPhone/iPod game (and soon iOS Unreal Engine powered games… hello nurse!) of your choice. Available in 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB sizes, pre-orders open today with units shipping next week.

Buy Now: 8GB ($229) | 32GB ($299) | 64GB ($399)