D for "About Damn Time"

Xbox 360 Controller With Twist-Up D-pad

Sure, the new Xbox Wireless Controller with Twist D-pad ($65) features a smooth matte silver finish along with spiffy monochrome buttons, but it’s the new transforming D-pad that gives our hadouken launching fingers pause. With a simple twist, the D-pad’s directional bars rise a 1/4″ to give traditional gamers (especially fighting games) new found life for all those years of trained muscle memory. It’s about time someone gave the console controller directional pad some analog love. You hear that sound? Yup, that’s the sound of someone weeping at the notion of finally pulling off Liu Kang’s dragon fatality in 1080p.

A nice little high-res gallery is right after the jump.

Buy Now: $65 (November 9)