Rovah' Puck

Clearwire 4G Rover Puck

Mobile hot spots, unlimited data, and pay-as-you-go plans may all seem like yesterday’s news. But the 1.6 lb Clearwire Rover Puck ($150) shakes things up by offering access to the company/consortium’s 4G data network. That means download speeds of 5 Mbps with bursts up to 10 Mbps and 8 device connectivity with service plans range from $5/day, $20/week, or $50/per month. It may look like a flying saucer toy from Sharper Image, but that sweet speed and pricing tempts the hell out of our undisconnectabilityness. The only downsides are Clearwire isn’t in every market, and its built-in battery maxes at 4 hours of go-juice, so forget getting a full days worth of use from unless you’re near an outlet. Then again, you could probably pull a decent volley of torrents in four hours.

Buy Now: $150 + Service Fees