Moon Audio Silver Dragon iPod/iPad/iPhone LOD Cable

We get a fair share of questions from our readers and in the wake of the new iPods we received a few preguntas somewhere along the lines of, “Great, new stuff, but what do I do with my existing iPod?” Sometimes the best satisfaction comes from taking something you already have and breathing new life into it. So, in the wake of the tidal wave of new iPods we thought it fitting to refer you to a piece of gear that you might know about.

It’s the new Silver Dragon (version 3) iPod/iPad/iPhone Line Out Dock Cable ($65+). No, the name isn’t sexy, but what it does is. This isn’t some overpriced dock cable, it’s a cable that greatly improves the audio pumping out of your iPod/iPad/iPhone by bypassing the device’s internal amplifier. In the whole battle of quality over quantity, most of us have grown accustomed to the shit-quality (pardon) of MP3’s and compression in an effort to save hard drive space. Combine this with spare-bin amplification and other bargain basement chipset’s that do a poor job of reproducing sound and you’ve got a recipe for hot garbage.

To offset, audiophiles have made extensive (and expensive) modifications to get their tracks piped conversion-free into their sound systems, both the DAC (Red Wine Audio) or Moon Audio whose wonder-cable accomplishes amplification bypass with the convenience of a single cable that utilizes a unique construction comprised of silver Teflon-insulated conductors, Kevlar, and a very specific threading. Whether it’s Jay-Z, Bach, or Phoenix pumping into headphones, loudspeakers, or a portable speaker dock you’ll hear music in a vastly improved manner. More bass, more tonality in high frequencies, and most importantly, rich mid-range making this cable one of the fastest and most economical way of experiencing your device’s music in a whole new light.

Take Note: Since LOD means “line out” you’ll need to make sure you’ve got an external amplifier, headphone amplifier, and a lineup of high quality tracks (those old 128 kbps rips from college won’t cut it here).

Buy Now: $65+