Baseball Card for Adults

Lionword Illustrations

As a kid, dropping $2.99 on a pack of baseball cards came as naturally as ordering sprinkles on your ice cream. The pictures on the front were awesome, and the stats on the back were, well, stats. As we’ve grown up (term used loosely) the stats we used to ignore are now the same numbers we obsess over. Fortunately, a Philadelphia artist has found a way to combine both the picture and the stats. Dan Duffy, a graduate of the renowned Hussian School of Art, creates “word” illustrations of memorable sports moments from the stats that comprised them. His take on the Philadelphia Phillies 2008 World Series Championship is crafted entirely from the results of their regular and post season games. Not a sports fan? Dan also creates portraits of historical figures from the speeches which made them famous. You always knew a picture was worth a thousand words, but now you also know it can be made up of 1000 words too.

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