Oh The DTV Shredder? You Wouldn't Be Interested in That

BPG-Werks DTV Shredder

Like the Mattracks Powerboard Snow Scooter we shared a while back, the BPG-WERKS DTV Shredder is a scooter even Dolph Lundgren would love. Designed by MIT graduate Ben Gulag, this motorized vehicle sports a pair of tank treads instead of wheels, giving it ludicriously good off-road performance for both military and extreme sports uses. Riders stand on top of the vehicle’s skateboard truck top and can turn the Shredder on a dime to produce circles a mere four feet in diameter and take on slopes as steep as 40 degrees. Depending on your needs, it can even be controlled remotely or support assault weapons (no joke) attached to its frame. All the words in the world though can’t do this bad boy justice like the videos and photo gallery on the next page. Available for pre-order with a $250 deposit, we’re certain we’ll find some kind of office appropriate use for the Shredder here at GP HQ. Somewhere, someone is thinking “Suck it, Segway!”

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