The Last, But Certainly Not Least

Halo Reach (Win This!)

In Halo Reach, we meet the Noble Team, a squad of Spartan soldiers (this is pre Master Chief) in a last stand battle on planet Reach. Master Chief is painfully absent in the latest installment of Halo, but the Covenant are here in full complement. With a darker story and grittier graphics, Halo Reach ($59+) is a refreshing change of pace from its predecessors. More importantly, our time with the pre-release version has allayed our worries that Bungie hasn’t sacrificed any of the gameplay we’ve come to expect from Halo. It’s just as cinematic, epic, and addictive as ever – a fantastic sendoff to the series. As for the multi-player well we only have two words for you… Awe. Some.

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