FLO TV Ultimate Tailgate Tour: Ohio, We Have a Winner!

Ohio, when it comes to tailgating you guys sure know how to bring it.
Yours truly, Gear Patrol.

Congratulations to Matt Adams, the first winner of FLO TV’s Ultimate Tailgate Tour! Matt and his entire bus dedicated to the craft of tailgating awesomeness. Honestly, any written description would do his work a disservice, so be sure to watch Bradley’s full video tour over at the FLO TV Ultimate Tailgate Tour Blog to see what we they had going on. So what exactly did they win you ask? 5 FLO TV’s showcasing 200 glorious games college football games this year.

Pissed you don’t have 5 FLO TV’s coming your way? Well Bradley and Mike will be on the road again October 1st heading to Eugene, Oregon to watch Oregon State take on Arizona State. We’ll also be running a giveaway next week to those of you not on our tour schedule so be sure to get your tailgate, and vote on.