A New Spin on Military Surplus

Denham LONGSHORE D.G.L Jacket

In the realm of jacket brands vying for your dollars, of which there are plenty, few have such depth of heritage and origin as the Denham LONGSHORE D.G.L Jacket ($780). What makes it utterly unique is that the entire jacket is re-cut from Dutch army blankets and ponchos. The ponchos obviously provide the jacket with water protection thanks to two layers gaberdine cloth flanking a waterproof rubber membrane. The blankets then serve as a 100% wool lining for warmth and comfort. As you can see in the image above (and the gallery on the next page) the end result is a classic-cut pea coat with some truly remarkable detailing that cannot be copied, and you won’t find on any other outerwear out there. That is unless you happen to live next to a Dutch military base. Sure it’s pricey, but for those who aspire to keep their style completely unique, this is a rare, worthwhile fashion investment.

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