The Wormwood Tradition

Leopold Brothers Absinthe Verte

September 21, 2010 Culture By

The Leopold Brothers believe in a strong sense of tradition and it is understood that tradition is what makes their spirits so good. The Leopold Brothers Absinthe Verte ($67) is crafted from a 100-year-old recipe of anise, grande wormwood, and sweet fennel along with a number of “proprietary botanicals.” The spirit is distilled in a small batch, 40-gallon tank and then hand labeled and numbered. No part of the process alludes to mass yields. The thoughtfulness and craftsmanship is present in each sip.

The once federally banned and often mysterious liquor of yore has caught the attention of critics and earned a silver medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition and frankly, we give it two thumbs up because it’s undeniably delicious.

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