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Bianchi Dolomiti

Bianchi (say: Bee-ahn-kee) bicycles have been crisscrossing the cobblestone thoroughfares of Italian cities since 1885. That’s street cred in our book. Although the Dolomiti ($3,397) may look as though it was made produced in that bygone era, it’s is actually a 2010 model with all the modern specs you would expect from the 125 year-old company. Housed in a triple-butted, steel-lugged Chromly frame finished in the trademark “celeste” Bianchi green, this ride is certainly easy on the eyes. The 11 speed campagnolo ATHENA drivetrain will effortlessly glide you up and down sloping streets (it is, after all, named after Italy’s highly-acclaimed mountain range), and the stock San Marco Regal leather saddle will ease the tension on your most sensitive of areas. The MSRP is steep at $4,999, but we found it for $3,396.95 (graciously, with free worldwide shipping). It’ll be well-worth the price, since this nostalgic cycle might just last you 125 years.

Buy Now: $3,397